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In-Motion Satellite Television

KVH TracVision A7KVH TracVision A7
Making TV as Mobile as You are with Satellite TV and Local Channels on the Road! All-new TracVision A7 makes TV as mobile as you are! Enjoy up to 185 channels of DIRECTV service plus your favorite national networks and local programming.* Features include:

  • Exclusive, all-new 12V mobile DIRECTV receiver
  • Integrated GPS, whisper-quiet motors and enhanced tracking
  • Choice of high-gloss black or silver dome with automotive grade finish
  • New installation options for wider variety of vehicles

With its whisper-quiet operation, the new low-noise motors and low-friction bearings have reduced antenna noise to nearly zero. There is no perceivable noise from antenna tracking on the vehicle. Its improved tracking and receiver algorithms allow for better tracking and minimization in outages caused by blockage. The integrated GPS allows for faster satellite acquisition and support for local channels.

The TracVision A7 was developed in cooperation with DIRECTV. Its GPS interface automatically enables local channels whenever you're in your home designated market area (DMA).* This has multi-satellite capability for expanded program choices allowing the ability to switch between three DIRECTV satellites. Onscreen messaging features user-friendly system startup and configuration. Being optimized for mobile use, there is a faster program guide load and virtually instantaneous startup.

The sleek and stylish TracVision A7 looks great with its patented, rugged impact-and weather-resistant, automotive-grade housing. Available in clear-coated, high-gloss black and silver domes, there are more versatile installation options.

  • Roof and roof rack mounts
  • Redesigned brackets for easier installation
  • Kits for both Hummer H2 and Hummer H3

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*Subject ot local channel availability and satellite accessibility.