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Rear Observation

Children, today, are at risk in driveways, parking lots, and the streets. Many drivers in SUV's, busses, and motorcoaches are unable to see who or what might be behind their vehicle. Some estimate that at least one child each week is run over. Why take a chance with that blind spot?. Customize your rig with an affordable, durable, high quality, rear observation system from Ward Electronics and ASA Voyager.

We offer black and white or color cameras and monitors depending on your needs. We can customize a system for your particular application. We provide installations for the motorcoach industry, busses, heavy equipment, railroad applications, and other applications. Contact us today and let us design a system for you.

Some systems are audio enabled and we offer a wide assortment of cameras and monitors. Call us today at 1.800.695.1670 for product information or for your installation needs..