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P.O. Box 9658
Knoxville, TN
Fax: 352.242.1920

We provide custom technology and installations for railroad applications!

In the tough environments of the rail industry, we know productivity must rise while Voyager Observation Systemfrequency index falls. Partnering with Ward Electronics and ASA Voyager can make that happen! Reap these benefits, and most importantly, increase your safety with the Voyager Observation system. This essential system allows you to keep an eye on the track, back up safely, and watch out for dangerous railroad hazards.

We have other rear observation systems available. Please view our online store or contact us today for other options and for your custom application needs.

Our Internet In Motion installation can be custom-fitted to be integrated into your existing onboard control system to provide real-time diagnostic and production information. It can also provide the internet connection for your mobile office.