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RV and Mobile Office Solutions

Internet In Motion

RV owners, with Internet in Motion ™ services installed in their coaches, have a valuable asset going down the highway. IIM users have easy access to Email and Efax services keeping them connected. IIM users have access to dynamic content for weather, stocks, shopping and map services that make traveling down the highway simpler and safer. IIM provides the connection to the 10's of thousands of songs on free and subscription internet radio stations and the almost limitless libraries of the numerous audio on demand services. Soon, as early as the first quarter of 2006, Internet (IP) TV and IP TV on demand video services will begin competing with both satellite and wire line for market share. RV owners will find both speed and quality of cellular internet, audio and video services to increase dramatically in the next few years.

Internet in Motion™ provides a transparent interface to the 2 major cellular carriers, Sprint, and Verizon. Current speeds range from 200kbs to 400+kbs (with compression) and will increase as the cellular carriers begin deploying EV-DO solutions outside urban areas. We expect to see 1 MBS to 3 MBS as typical and some carriers, Sprint for instance, will exceed 3 MBS.

Mobile offices platforms, using RV chassis, are being deployed currently in Medical, Emergency Management or Homeland Security roles. Some of these mobile facilities require not only more speed but more bandwidth. IIM's mobile cellular solution is highly configurable, allowing for the integration and use of multiple units either independently or in unison. Each system will support up to 50 IP devices, multiple users and a wide variety of services.