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Knoxville, TN
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We Specialize in Bus and Motorcoach Installations!

JENSENŽ JE1029RFKStep out of the old and into the new with Jensen® LCD bus monitors! Now is the time to step into upgraded bus entertainment! Stomp out your old CRT monitors and retrofit your buses with the new Jensen® JE1029RFK CRT Replacement Kit! With Jensen® widescreen LCD monitors, your passengers will enjoy unmatched viewing angles, sharper picture images, reduced glare, and no color distortion. Simply remove your old-fashioned CRTs, hood our Jensen® LCD monitors into place, and hit the road in style! Jensen® also brings you a full family of bus entertainment products. From PA systems and DVD players, to heavy duty stereos and speakers, we're ready to upgrade your buses with the latest designs! See the difference in your bus entertainment, feel the difference in your wallet. Call today to step up your buses with a style that fits!

Need something larger? Check out our JENSEN® JE1569BMK 15.4" LCD flat panel monitor.

Check out our lineup of
flat panel monitors and bring the latest video technology to your bus or motorcoach.

We also have a great lineup of premier audio systems for your bus or motorcoach. Whether you're looking for wall mount systems like this one, or individual components, we provide solutions to your needs. We offer installation services for the products we sell, and in some cases, will come to you.

Please contact us at 1.800.695.1670 for your installation needs and let us design a system for you!